When faced with the devastating aftermath of a fire in your Colorado property, it’s crucial to know the proper steps for fire damage restoration. Property Doctors, your trusted restoration experts, present a comprehensive guide on what you should and should not do during this challenging time.

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Understanding Fire Damage Restoration in Colorado

Dos After Fire Damage in your Colorado Home

1. Contact Property Doctors Immediately:

   Time is of the essence. Reach out to Property Doctors, your experienced fire damage restoration professionals in Colorado, as soon as the authorities deem it safe to do so.

2. Assess Safety Before Re-entering:

   Safety is paramount. Wait for clearance from authorities before entering the property to assess the damage.

3. Document the Damage:

   Capture the extent of the fire damage with detailed photographs and notes. This documentation is invaluable for insurance claims and the restoration process.

4. Ventilation is Key:

   Minimize smoke odor and prevent further damage by properly ventilating affected areas. Open windows and use fans to promote air circulation.

5. Secure Valuables:

   Salvage important documents, valuables, and sentimental items that survived the fire. This includes legal papers, identification, and cherished personal belongings.

6. Seek Temporary Shelter:

   If your home is uninhabitable, arrange for temporary shelter. Property Doctors can assist in assessing the safety and habitability of your property.

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1. Enter Without Clearance:

   Do not enter the property until authorities give the all-clear. Structural damage and hidden dangers may be present.

2. Attempt DIY Cleanup:

   Leave the cleanup and restoration to the professionals at Property Doctors. DIY attempts can worsen damage or pose safety risks.

3. Use Electrical Appliances:

   Refrain from using electrical appliances that may have been affected by the fire. Have Property Doctors assess and approve their safety before use.

4. Disregard Smoke Damage:

   Smoke damage is not just cosmetic; it can have health implications. Do not underestimate the importance of addressing smoke damage promptly.

Expert Fire Damage Restoration by Property Doctors

Property Doctors, with a commitment to excellence, understand the unique challenges of fire damage restoration in Colorado. Our skilled professionals will diligently work to restore your property to its pre-fire condition. Here are some additional steps we take:

 7. Thorough Damage Assessment:

   Our experts conduct a meticulous assessment to identify all areas of damage, ensuring no aspect is overlooked.

 8. Professional Cleaning and Deodorization:

   Property Doctors employ advanced techniques to clean and deodorize your property, eliminating smoke residues and lingering odors.

9. Structural Restoration:

   We address structural damage promptly, working to restore the integrity of your property with precision and care.

 10. Content Restoration:

   Your belongings matter. Property Doctors provide content restoration services to salvage and restore items affected by the fire.

11. Insurance Coordination:

   We work closely with your insurance provider to streamline the claims process, ensuring a smooth and efficient restoration journey.

12. Ongoing Support:

   Beyond restoration, Property Doctors offer ongoing support and guidance, helping you navigate the post-fire recovery process.

Choosing the right fire and smoke building restoration company After Fire Damage

Choosing the right fire and smoke building restoration company is a crucial decision. Here are key factors to consider when selecting Property Doctors for your restoration needs:

1. Experience:

   Opt for a restoration company with a proven track record in effectively restoring buildings damaged by fire and smoke. Property Doctors bring extensive experience to ensure a thorough and successful restoration process.

2. Licensing and Insurance:

   Prioritize your peace of mind by choosing a licensed and insured company. Property Doctors operate with the necessary licenses and insurance coverage, assuring you of professional and reliable restoration services.

3. References:

   Seek assurance by asking for references from previous clients. Property Doctors proudly share positive testimonials and references, showcasing our commitment to customer satisfaction and successful restoration outcomes.

4. Estimates:

   Make an informed decision by obtaining estimates from various companies. Property Doctors offer transparent and competitive estimates, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the restoration costs involved.

5. Contract:

   Before committing, carefully review the contract. Property Doctors believe in transparency and clarity; our contracts are comprehensive, outlining the scope of work, timelines, and any pertinent details, ensuring a smooth and stress-free restoration process.

Choose Property Doctors for a restoration partner dedicated to excellence, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. Your property’s recovery is our priority.



Navigating the aftermath of a fire requires a strategic and comprehensive approach. With Property Doctors by your side, you have a dedicated partner in the restoration process in all Colorado. This detailed guide and our expert services aim to provide you with the support and assistance needed during this challenging time.

For personalized assistance and a tailored restoration plan, contact us today. Let us bring expertise, compassion, and efficiency to your fire damage restoration journey. Trust the doctors who care for your property’s health.

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